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Stewardship & Giving Back

Worthington Ag Parts has been serving farmers and farming communities for more than 50 years. A history that spans nearly half a century carries responsibilities beyond the sales counter and customer satisfaction. Worthington Ag Parts is proud of our responsibility of being a steward to our customers, our communities and the agricultural industry as a whole.

As a recycler of used equipment, it goes without saying that recycling and being a proactive steward in protecting this great earth has and always will be a primary focus of our company.

We also pride ourselves on being a steward to the economic conscience of our farming communities. Our business model is designed to help protect the economical sustainability of individual farmers as they battle an ever-changing agricultural market.

At Worthington Ag Parts we work hard to foster the cross-generational composition that makes up our customer base. By helping guide the future generations of our customers we are helping to facilitate the future of farming that is critical to maintaining the strength in the overall fabric of America.

The world as a whole is ever-shrinking and we are extremely excited about our role in bringing the farming communities of the world closer together. We have successfully established relationships in many countries around the world. These relationships go much deeper than business. We pride ourselves on the fact that every relationship we establish begins with a feeling of "family". Bringing the communities of the world closer together via the relationships we establish as a business is a profound responsibility that we accept as a steward of global trust.