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Mike Winter
President - Worthington Ag Parts
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Schumacher Now Distributing Schumacher Crop Cutting Products
We are excited to partner with Schumacher to provide the best crop cutting products in the industry.  Schumacher is a worldwide leader in manufacturing crop cutting products.  We are currently adding the new products to our system so you can order on line and at our stores.  We will also have informational literature on these products at our stores soon so stay tuned.
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Worthington Ag Parts - Your all makes source for Tractor Parts, Combine Parts, Cotton Picker Parts and Implement Parts!  Providing solutions to repair problems of our valued customers for 45 Years!
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Worthington Ag Parts is your one stop shop for a full line of parts for late model farm equipment including skid steers and compact tractors.
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Tech Tips
 Diesel Slobber
Seeing "oil" dripping from the expansion joints on the exhaust manifold or "oil" spots on the hood and you're thinking your turbo is bad? Been using that high horsepower tractor for utility tractor work?  Had it on the auger at the grain bins last fall, pushed "a little" snow with it this winter? 
This "oil" is not "oil" but rather the result of diesel slobber caused by excessive light-load run-time. Diesel engines are designed to operate with a load; most effectively in the 70-80% range of rated output. When a diesel tractor operates considerably below the rated output level the engine can start to "wet stack" or "slobber".
As there is no spark ignition, cylinder temperature, obtained by compressing air in the compression stroke, is necessary to ignite the fuel. At low idle and light loads the cylinder temperature drops leading to incomplete combustion. This incomplete combustion leads to an accumulation of carbon particles, unburned fuel, lube oil, condensed water and acids in the exhaust system.  Engine "slobbering", what appears as "oil" out of the exhaust is the result.  Put the tractor to work on a load suited for its horsepower and the slobber should clean up; if it doesn't other engine mechanical problems could be the fault and requires further diagnose.
What ever that diagnoses discloses count on Worthington Ag Parts to be your solutions providers.  We cover all makes and models of equipment with used, new and rebuilt parts to best fit your repair situation.
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