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 Power Rally Engine Overhaul Kits
PM Series by DICKEY-john
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 Swivel Step & Hand Rail for your John Deere
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Did You Know?

Employment Birthdays 

Nick Moeller
3/28   Watertown, SD

Gene Nowatzke
 3/29   Audubon, IA

Walt Wiersma
 3/31   Worthington, MN

Adam Trueblood
 4/1   Leesburg, IN

Matt Helmers
 4/2   Worthington, MN


Brett Terrell
(2 years)   Sioux Falls, SD

Arnie Ihrke
(29 years)   Worthington, MN
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We understand that saving money is more important today than ever.  But value is important too.  So how do you achieve both?  The answer is simple: "used parts" from Worthington Ag Parts.  Our used parts are "field tested and proven" and perform to the same level as OEM new parts - but they are only a fraction of the cost.  So when your bottom line is critical, trust us to help improve it by saving you money on the parts you need.
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Worthington Ag Parts
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Worthington Ag Parts - Your all makes source for Tractor Parts, Combine Parts, Cotton Picker Parts and Implement Parts!  Providing solutions to repair problems of our valued customers for 45 Years!
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Worthington Ag Parts is your one stop shop for a full line of parts for late model farm equipment including skid steers and compact tractors.
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Tech Tips
Engine Bearing Fatigue 
Fatigue is just one of the many forms of damage that can occur to engine bearings.  Engine bearings rely upon a thin layer of oil to maintain a protective barrier between the bearing surface and shaft during operation.  There are several ways to minimize engine bearing fatigue.  First, try not over loading (i.e. running your engine under high loads at a low speed.)  Also, protect against corrosion.  This can be done by avoiding extreme operating temperatures as well as not letting coolant and/or dirt contaminate the oil.  Limiting the use of high sulfur fuels can help to reduce engine bearing fatigue as well.
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