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 Power Rally Engine Overhaul Kits

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Our Tear Down Shop needs to be well organized and efficiently run to process the whole units we receive as quickly as possible.  Here is a great time-lapsed video showing an actual tear down.  This unit took approximately one full day to dismantle.  Simply click on the image to view the video.


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Employee Birthdays 

Kyle Galle

 (12/8)   Worthington, MN


Matthew Engen

(12/9)   Watertown, SD


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(12/9)   Evansville, WI


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Bryan Zemlicka

(1 Year)   Watertown, SD


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This is always a unique time of year at Worthington Ag Parts.  We have locations in diverse areas of the country so our customer's needs vary significantly. While a customer in the midwest might find himself with a little extra time on their hands thanks to an early harvest; a customer 1,300 miles away from them to the southeast is still in the field picking cotton.  That's an awesome difference when you consider that both farmers are standing on the same worldly land mass.


Product Diversity Is Not a Challenge... It's a Commitment!

Those same two farmers call Worthington Ag Parts at the same time with the same question and receive the same answer from our Parts Specialist... "We can help you with that!"  The parts they both needed, however, were different.  But its a simple solution... more stores and more inventory helps us maintain an industry edge in product diversity.  Used, new and rebuilt: we have the parts you need!


Power Rally Engine Overhaul Kit




Revive & Restore Power to Your Engine

Did your equipment's engine seem a little sluggish this year?  Well now is a great time to restore your its power with our exclusive POWER RALLYengine overhaul kits.  Visit our Power Rally website and fit the right kit for you!


We have a winner of our November apparel collection drawing!  We will announce it in next week's issue as we await their response.

Call us today toll-free at 1-888-845-8456.... or visit our website: www.worthingtonagparts.com


Mike Winter
President - Worthington Ag Parts
Worthington Ag Parts
Your Parts Solution Provider

Factory Manuals... Operator - Service - Parts 
Operator's, Service and Parts manuals are an important part of your everyday business and Worthington Ag Parts is here to help.  We offer hundreds of manuals to help you with your equipment repair and this week we are featuring a COMBINE service manual related to a fresh salvage item we received this week.  So when you buy your next part from us, ask our parts expert to help you find the manual for your equipment as well.

Below is a page from the 1440/1460/1480 Combine Operator's manual.  Ever get stuck trying to re-apply that mile long belt or chain?  The Operator's manual will help you save loads of time by showing you the best way to use and maintain your equipment!  This is an extremely useful manual that includes capacities and schedules, value added content the others don't have.  High quality reproduction images of the manual produced by the factory, and we provide titles covering nearly every model and brand of tractor made. 


If you are interested in ordering the IH 1440/1460/1480 Combine Operator's manual that this excerpt is from... click here

1440/1460/1480 Combine Operator's Manual Sample
1440/1460/1480 Combine Operator's Manual Sample 
If you'd like to order this manual CLICK HERE..
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