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Our Tear Down Shop needs to be well organized and efficiently run to process the whole units we receive as quickly as possible.  Here is a great time-lapsed video showing an actual tear down.  This unit took approximately one full day to dismantle.  Simply click on the image to view the video.


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As this year comes to a close, we'd like to thank you and all of our customers for making 2010 a great year at Worthington Ag Parts.  We look forward to an exciting 2011 and the growth it brings in the relationships we share with our customers and the entire agricultural community worldwide.


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Factory Manuals... Operator - Service - Parts 
Operator's, Service and Parts manuals are an important part of your everyday business and Worthington Ag Parts is here to help.  We offer hundreds of manuals to help you with your equipment repair. In this section we highlight an excerpt from a manual related to a fresh salvage item we received this week.
Massey Ferguson 2705 Parts Manual

Below is an excerpt from the 24 speed transmission section for our Massey Ferguson 2705 parts manual.  This excerpt was chosen by Danny Weeks who is a Parts Specialist out of our Goldsboro, NC location.  Danny wanted to highlight this section because of the large number of orders he receives for parts related to switching from a 24 speed to an 8 speed transmission on the 2705.  In its entirety, this parts manual is 362 pages that includes exploded views of every assembly for the 2705.  Corresponding descriptions and part numbers are included with every image.  Danny states that because we also receive so many orders related to the 2705 for power steering cylinders, clutch assemblies, brakes and brake liners; this particular manual is critical in saving our customers time and money.  So the next time you speak with Danny or any of our Parts Specialists throughout the country, remember to ask about manuals for your equipment.

If you are interested in ordering the Massey Ferguson 2705 parts manual related to this expert CLICK HERE...  

Massey Ferguson 2705 Parts Manual
Massey Ferguson 2705 Parts Manual
If you'd like to order this manual CLICK HERE...
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