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David Goerge

(2/8)  St. Johns, MI


Tim Wiley

(2/9)  Sikeston, MO


Laurie Hokeness

(2/12)  Worthington, MN


Tammy Sutton

(2/13)  Goldsboro, NC


Brad Eftink

(2/19)  Sikeston, MO


Derrick Rohe

(2/19)  Audubon, IA





Matt Myers

(11 Years)  St. Johns, MI


Tammy Sutton

(19 Years)  Goldsboro, NC


Crystal White

(3 Years)  Leesburg, IN


Walt Wiersma

(20 Years)  Worthington, MN


Dick Arndt

(23 Years)  Evansville, WI


Alan Griffith

(1 Year)  Leesburg, IN


Libby McDonald

(28 years)  Audubon, IA


Delmar Rudolph

(5 Years)  Audubon, IA


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After an energized week of of meetings and company team building last week, I took a little time to reflect on Worthington Ag Parts as a company.  It's amazing how this company has grown over the past 46 years.  One man's idea turned into a company and sparked the creation of an industry.  Now, 46 years later, Worthington Ag Parts has more than 250 employees... and we're still growing.

2011 Managers Meetings
How does a 46-year-old company continue to grow?  By building relationships.  Relationships with our customers, relationships with our vendors and relationships with each other.
2011 Managers Meetings
Imagine more than 900 years of parts experience together in one room.  That's exactly what we experienced last week when we
brought together our Directors of Operations, Managers and Countermen from around the country including Jason Atkins and Tim Allen (GM and Director of Operations respectively of Neil's Parts - our sister company in Australian).  We gathered together for strategic meetings and a 2010 review in Maple Grove, MN, home to Worthington Ag Parts' world headquarters.  Our southern U.S. employees and our mates from "down under" earned an appreciation for the cold weather they seldom get to experience.  Yet the atmosphere of our meetings and the revelry shared between coworkers carried the energy one feels at a family reunion.  We had employees with less than a year of experience learning from employees with more than 30 years of experience.  We had a marketing department learning from countermen simply by growing their relationship.

W2011 Managers Meetingshat does this all mean?  Bottom line and at the end of the day, the greater the relationships we cultivate internally, the more successful we will be at providing you with solutions to your parts needs.2011 Managers Meetings

Having been with the company for over twenty-one years, I have never been more proud of the management team and parts specialists we have within our organization.  I always say it's our "Worthington Family" and I am proud to be it's patriarch.

Mike Winter
President - Worthington Ag Parts
Worthington Ag Parts
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