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Worthington Ag Parts - GenerationsWorthington Ag Parts is truly a generational company.  The relationships we have developed with many of our customers often span multiple generations of their family.  Over the years, it has been interesting to grow with our customers and their families.

Technology has played a big role during the transition phases from generation to generation.  A great example of this is a recent purchase of a Capello corn head by a multi-generational farming family in Illinois.

It all began with social media which is taking a firm hold on our industry.  The son learned about our Capello line through our Capello Facebook page, which lead him to our Capello website (www.capellousa.com).  He was able to learn more about the benefits of chopping corn heads and other options like folding.  This was one of the son's first large implement purchases for their family so it was a proud moment for both he and his father.  As their interest grew, the father let the son make the first few calls to our Implement Division Manager, Jerod Johnson.  Jerod guided him through the benefits of Capello's advanced chopping technology over conventional stalk choppers (save a man's time, hours on the tractor, fuel, repairs, etc.).  Jerod also guided him through initial pricing options.  Satisfied that he had found the product he preferred, he took his information back to his father who now got involved.  The father also went to his father for advice in the decision, so now three generations were officially involved in the purchase.  The father and son spent a little more time researching other brands and realized that Capello was the right choice.  Then together they worked with Jerod, to modify their decision to best fit their budget and still get the technology they needed.

It was a proud moment for each generation involved; and it's always a proud moment for us when Worthington Ag Parts can help ease the generational transition for our customers in their product decisions.  

Mike Winter
President - Worthington Ag Parts
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