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CapelloExpect more from a corn head... expect CAPELLO!  CAPELLO Implements is just one of the several units that make up Worthington Tractor Parts, Inc., and we are the exclusive distributor of CAPELLO headers in North America.  As harvest moves into focus and with inventories moving fast, now is the perfect time for us to remind you to contact your local CAPELLO corn head dealer and invest in a future of fuller grain bins, healthier soil and a bigger bottom line.  With a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and our name behind it, you know there's a lot standing behind every CAPELLO header purchased!

CAPELLO offers a variety of configurations that fit red, green and yellow combines for small, medium and large operations; plus folding and chopping options that can save you time, fuel and man-hours. Your dealer can help you decide from 12/20 and 18/20 non-chopping inventory to chopping and folding options including: 6/30, 8/30, 12/30, 16/30, 12/20, 16/20, 18/20, 12/22, 16/22, 18/22, 8/38 and 12/38.

Capello - Designed for your entire growing cycleCAPELLO corn heads are designed with your entire growing cycle in mind. While you enjoy more grain in your bin at harvest thanks to the efficiency of a CAPELLO corn head, CAPELLO'S state-of-the-art chopping technology has already started managing your field residue. Residue and organic material breakdown is critical to field preparation leading to planting season, especially in corn-on-corn operations. The CAPELLO state-of-the-art chopping system reduces residue to optimal levels that promote quicker decomposition. Properly chopped residue also helps promote cleaner, more precise strip tillage so you'll experience less plugging while minimizing planter wheel disruption that can affect planting accuracy. Chopping technology is the future for higher yields and helping you realize a year-round impact on your bottom line. That's a lot to expect from a corn head, and CAPELLO challenges every corn producer to do exactly that - expect more from your corn head. EXPECT CAPELLO... A Head Above The Rest!

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