Air Conditioner, Receiver Drier, R12/R134A To Fit Miscellaneous® - NEW (Aftermarket)

7.9" x 4" Diameter, 3/8" Female x 3/8" Male Fittings
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SKU: WN-804-464
Product Specifications
Any use of OEM part numbers is for reference only
Cross Reference Numbers 804-464, AL77581, RE214439, AR59780, AR74486, RE49169, 268464, 70268464, 920044, 295006A1, F1NN19959AA
Models AC, JD, CI, NH
Models Allis Chalmers: 7000,7010,7020,7030,7040,7045,7050,7060,7080,7580,8550
Models Case: 521D,621,721
Models Ford/New Holland: TV6070,T8010,T8020,T8030,T8040,T8050,T9020,T9030,T9040,T9050,T9060,TG215,TG245,TG275,TG305,TJ275,TJ280,TJ325,TJ330,TJ375, TJ380,TJ425,TJ430,TJ450,TJ480,TJ500,TJ530,CR920,CR940,CR960,CR970,CR9040,CR9060,CR9070,CR9080
Models International/CaseIH: STX275,STX280,STX325,STX330,STX375,STX380,STX425,STX430,STX440,STX450,STX480,STX500,STX530,Magnum 180,Magnum 190,Magnum 210,Magnum 215,Magnum 225,Magnum 245,Magnum 255,Magnum 275,Magnum 305, Magnum 335, MX215, MX245, MX275, MX305
Models John Deere: 3300,4400,4420,6600,6602,6620,6622,7700,7720,SE6010,SE6100,SE6110,SE6200,SE6210,SE6300,SE6310,SE6400,SE6410,1640,2040,2140,2250,2350,2355,2450,2550,2555,2650,2750,2850,2855,2940,2950,2955,3030,3040,3050,3055,3130,3140,3150,3155,3255,3350
Additional Information
7.9" x 4" Diameter, 3/8" Female x 3/8" Male Fittings
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