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Black, Vinyl Seat W/ Arm Rests, Mechanical Suspension
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Product Specifications
Any use of OEM part numbers is for reference only
Cross Reference Numbers VAM8110, 6526, 6533, 6543, 6657
Models VARIOUS, Universal Seat, Fits Several Models, AC, CI, CS, VS
Models Allis Chalmers: 8010,8030,8050,8070,9400,9435,9455,9600,9630,9650,9670,9675,9800,9815
Models Case: 1070,1170,1270,1370,1570,1690,1894,1896,2090,2094,2290,2294,2390,2394,2470,2590,2594,2670,2870,3294,3394,3594,870,970
Models International/CaseIH: 5120,5130,5140,5220,5230,5240,5250
Models Versatile: 1150,1156,500,555,756,835,836,846,855,856,875,876,895,9030E,9030V,9184,9280,9282,935,936,9384,945,946,9480,9482,9484,950
Models White: 6100,6105,6124,6125,6144,6145,6175,6195,6200,6215
Additional Information
Black, Vinyl Seat W/ Arm Rests, Mechanical Suspension
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