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Kubota Tractor Parts

Today's New Parts News:

Worthington Ag Parts continues to expand its aftermarket parts offering for Kubota Tractors!  A few items we do carry are Water Pumps, Tie Rods, Fuel Pumps Air Conditioning Compressors, Rims, Drawbars and a Rear Hub Assembly.  We continue to expand our Kubota Tractor parts offering. 


Here are a few items:

Rear Hub Assembly, fits Kubota Tractor models B1550, B1700, B1750, B2100, B2400, B2410, B4200, B5100, B5200, B6100, B6200, B7100, B7200, B7300, B7400, B7410, B7500, B7510, B7610.  The cross reference numbers 67401-17453, 67401-17450, H6640-17300.

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Draw Bar Straight fits Kubota Tractors M6950, M6950-S, M7950, M7950-S. The cross reference numbers are 36530-89120, 3633089120, 3653089120.

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This is my new effort to educate our valued customers on how we are expanding our offering to save you money in these tough times on replacement parts versus OEM!


Mike Winter

President Worthington Ag Parts!

LED Lights for your Tractor - Late Spring Planting May Require Night time work!

A happy customer planting in Northern Indiana using our LED Lights!


It's a late spring through much of the United States especially here in the Upper Midwest.  We finally got warm enough to melt the snow and now it won't stop raining so the fields can get dried up for planting!  Once it does it may require field work after dark.

We have LED lights for your tractor here at Worthington Ag Parts!  You can order lights on our website 24/7 and have them shipped to your door the next day.  LED tractor lights can light up the field so you can keep working when soil conditions are ready.

Have a look at a PDF of our lights with a click here!

You can shop directly on our website by clicking Lights now!

Be safe and light up your way!



Mike Winter

President - Worthington Ag Parts

Combine Season!


Harvest is getting into full swing right now!  Please remember to work safely in the fields.  Remember we are here for you if you have break downs, just like we have been for the last 53 years!  If you would like to streamline when looking for combine parts remember go directly to for all your needs. 

On you can see the available inventory at the store nearest you, order for direct shipment or choose in store pick up and your parts will be ready to go the next morning or if we are still open, that same day!  You can see from the screen shot below how the quanities by location are shown!

Screen Shot

Worthington Ag Parts is here for all of your parts needs during this harvest season!  We have the largest inventory of aftermarket new combine parts EVER! 

Work safely,

Mike Winter